Sunday In Portugal

Sunday gave us a glimpse of what the missionaries’ lives 
look like as we attended 2 church services.

It was great to worship with the Portuguese!  We even knew 
some of the songs.

At the 11am service in Lisbon the Angolan pastor shared 
about a 14 year old girl who has never heard the name 
of Jesus.  He had the 15 young people of the church 
stand and challenged them to be bold in their faith.  
Then the congregation prayed in small groups for 
150 free tickets to an upcoming soccer game; 
each of the 15 young people are to invite 10 of 
their friends to the game so that they can meet 
a few of the players and hear their testimonies.  
Join us in praying!  He also challenged the 
adults to be a part of this to provide the necessary 

He then preached on Galatians 1:6-9.  Do you know 
the Gospel the way God’s Word presents it?  Is it a 
 pure Gospel?  We must know the one True Gospel!

After enjoying a nice lunch at “home” we piled back 
into our cars for another church service at 4pm.  This 
church is the daughter church of the church we attended 
in the morning, and the services are held at the institute 
where Kate, LaVerne, and Lesley teach English.  This 
was a much smaller church, and after the service we 
enjoyed a light dinner.

Pastor Paul preached on Matthew 9:35-38 – the harvest 
is plentiful but the labourers are few!  He reminded us 
that if we are disciples, we are automatically labourers.  
And what happens if it’s not harvested?  We lose the 
harvest, so act now!

With no financial, family, or geographic limits, what 
would you be doing?  Perhaps this is what God is calling 
you to.....

What a wonderful reminder that our God is the God of 
all people, tongues, tribes, and nations!

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Millie said...

We were thinking about all of you in our service on Sunday, especially since our speaker was Howard Moore, Cdn director of GEM, who spoke particularly about the work in Europe,...and there are some people who are already thinking about joining one of the teams going out this year!