We had a few spare hours in the morning, so we took 
a quick trip to down-town Lisbon to see the “commercial 
area”, which is lovely “old” buildings which are really 
not so old. Lisbon was almost totally destroyed by an 
earthquake in the 1700s, and completely rebuilt, so the 
buildings are relatively young.

We dashed back to Tojal to get ready for the 
“graduation celebration” in the afternoon, 
which went really well, with lots of hugs, 
kisses, and tears. The students were so 
drawn to the team, who loved them well. 
Idalia, a Portuguese, told her story, which 
was very good for these ladies to hear. 
Some show real interest in what Ron 
and Idalia (full-time GEM missionaries)
are doing in Portugal.

In the evening, all our team plus the two missionary 
families who helped us, had a appreciation dinner at 
a nice restaurant, shared experiences, what God did 
in us during the week, and exchanged gifts. Very nice 


Anonymous said...

Seeing it now from stateside! Thanks for posting! Whose photos were these? :-)

Thanks to any blog readers who prayed! Blessings on you! Beth!

Anonymous said...

The videos on this one post are generic!