Thursday Update!

At group time, Neil is explaining the meaning of a
Biblical story.

Here is Aaron, Patti, and Beth outside of the Portuguese
Bible Institute.  They are preparing for another day of
teaching at the school in Pòvoa. 

Lesley is standing in the beautiful foliage found around
the campus at the Portuguese Bible Institute.

Each day the teams prepare for the lesson.  Games, activities, 
conversation, and vocabulary repetitively enforce English language 

After teaching the memory verse “I am the light of the world” 
John 9:5b to the students at the school in Pòvoa, one of 
the students taught the verse to Aaron in Portuguese.  
It reads: “Eu sou a luz do mundo” Joas 9:5b (it sounds 
a lot different than it reads)!

Tony is teaching the pronunciation of a word ending in 
“th.”  See how he is using his tongue... he is exaggerating 
the mechanics of the mouth in order to produce the sound 
effectively.  “Th” is a very difficult sound for the Portuguese 
to produce.

This is an example of a drawing completed by Tony
which was used as a visual aid for learning the parts
of the body.

{Click on Pic to Enlarge}

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