Teaching Tuesday!

On Monday, while the one team was teaching, the other team
was invited by Vicki, another missionary here, to go and see
a monastery.  They enjoyed the library, the town and some
beautiful flowers, blooming on the trees.  They also shared
some delicious pastries with the rest of the team when they
returned to the Bible Institute.  (if it seems that we are
enjoying the food here, it is TRUE!!)  We all taught in
the afternoon, continuing to teach vocabulary, but also
increasing the conversations we are having with our
students.  We are learning about their families, their
likes, their jobs.  We are truly enjoying getting to know
our students!

Monday evening Idalia prepared a delicious meal for
our team, 3 of their children, and Vicki and her daughter. 
Patti shared from the book of Hebrews for devotions,
reminding us to spur one another toward love and
good deeds. It was so great to have the Fairbanks
and Vicki here to share in our devotional time. 

Ron encouraged us that we MAY not see the fruit of
our labor but we can trust that as we obeyed the will
of God in our lives, HE will bring about fruit.  We had
a sweet time of prayer together.

We finished out the day by playing a couple of games,
requiring creativity, expressing ourselves with many
words, one word or by acting out a word!!  If laughter
is good for the soul our souls must be very healthy!

Again, thank you  for those who are praying for us. 
We are grateful that you share in our ministry. 
We ask that you pray as we say good bye to
our precious students, that their hearts may
have been softened to the Gospel; that they
realize we love because Christ first loved us.

 It’s our prayer that we are one link in the chain of events
that will ultimately bring them to the saving knowledge
of Jesus and they, too, will find themselves in a personal
relationship with the Lord!

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