The Day Before Classes Begin!

Praise be to God for the return of Carolyn’s missing
purse containing the funds for the trip!

Tuesday morning we had breakfast at Pasteis de Belem.

Pasteis de Belem is a world famous pastry shop which
was started by a group of nuns in 1837 to raise funds 
for the monastery.

After leaving Pasteis de Belem, we went and took a
brief tour of the monastery.

Continuing on, we walked to the Tigris River and viewed
sculptures and other historical monuments that represented
Portuguese explorers.

From there, we toured both facilities where we will be
teaching starting Wednesday.

We are split up into 2 groups; 4 of us at a high school and 4
of us at Cercipovoa which is an centre for persons with disabilities.

While we were there, we were able to observe some of
the work/groups that take place there on a daily basis.
The rest of the evening was spent preparing our lessons
for the following day of teaching and sharing in devotions
and prayer.

Please pray a good turn out as some of the student numbers
have been reduced. Please pray for confidence in the team
members and the ability to communicate effectively to the

Please pray for continued health and safety (especially
on the roads as 2 of the team members are driving).
Pray for continued team building and the opportunity
for fellowship. Ciao!

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Donna said...

it's nice to follow this blog - will be praying!!

Jordan said...

Happy birthday Beth! Woohoo!

Patie said...

I heard Beth gave her testimony today!! Woo Hoo! Praying for you all as you go where God leads and speak God's words! How great you can teach using bible stories. God Bless. Pattie (Sister of Beth and Aunt of Kate)

Diane said...

Hi Beth and Kate! wow,here's another way to communicate with friends around the world. The prayer request sheet you gave me has been a great tool for my prayers.