Teaching English Today!

Yesterday was our first day of teaching!

One group (Aaron, Tony, Beth, and Patti) taught from
8:30-11:30am then again from 3:30-6pm.  The other
group (Neil, Kate, Lesley, and LaVerne) taught
from 2-5.  Though the numbers of students aren’t
exactly what we expected, we trust that the Lord
has brought the right students to the right classrooms
with the right teachers to accomplish what He wants
this week!

A challenge is that our students understand and comprehend
a LOT of English from watching English TV and listening
to English music; however, they are at various levels of speaking
abilities.  The first team, at the public school, has all level one
students (about 16 altogether, split into 2 classrooms).

The second team, at the school for children and adults with
disabilities, has 7 students, many of which are upper-level
one, but there are too few students to split according to
levels so they are all in one classroom.  All of the students
are eager to practice their English with us!  Pray that
the teaching would be valuable and the conversations

Following our English lessons, we taught a Bible lesson
from John 3:1-16, the story of Nicodemus, and a few
of our students knew exactly what we were sharing. 
They knew John 3:16 in Portuguese and were able
to clearly explain the story in their own [English]
words.  We are anxious to continue the Bible
lessons with the hope of engaging in deeper conversations.

  After singing “Glorify Your Name,” one student asked
me what we meant by “worship” and why we say that. 
They are listening to and watching us; pray that we
would be Jesus to them and that His love for them
would be abundantly clear.

After our day of teaching, we enjoyed another dinner
with the Fairbanks family.

Pray for Ron’s back – he often feels this pain when
teams are visiting and God’s doing big things.  We
are ready!


The Professor said...

Clearly you are being used by our God in Portugal! Will continue to pray!

Millie said...

Thanks for the daily updates...we know your students will be blessed.